South Side Snakepit Avatar Age Appearance Policy

No underage avatars or age play. The real life age of the guest is irrelevant.

We understand that pedophiles give much attention to those that will play with them as teens or small children. We understand that pedophiles often masquerade as children and entice other players to violate them. We understand that fads may encourage the creation of very young looking avatars, but anyone involved in sex with a clearly underage or immature looking avatar will be ejected/banned and reported to Linden Labs immediately and without warning; along with the underage avatar.

Therefore, if your avatar appears under 21 years old, you will be asked to leave immediately in order to edit your appearance. Underage is indicated by height/weight, clothing, behavior, speech, or immature Animation Override (AO). (An AO that involves things like skipping, flouncing, twirling, or other obviously juvenile behavior. Ask yourself, if I saw a grown woman doing that, would I think she was not right in the head?) Do not expect an additional warning or discussion. Anyone having sex with an underage avatar will be banned along with them.

Borderline cases: You may be asked to change your appearance if staff is not comfortable with how old you look. Courtesy and respect towards our staff will be returned in proportion to the courtesy and understanding offered by guests.

In general, if you have two or more of these characteristics, your avatar will appear immature or suggest an intent to engage in age play:


  1. Wearing a group tag that indicates age play. Example: “High School” group tag is strictly forbidden. Tags that involve “Daddy Play” are discouraged.

  2. Chest set near 0 without nipple development

  3. No hip curves or pubic hair

  4. Clothing or accessories that could be purchased in the Children or Teen section of a department store. Some indicators: pink color, frilly, bows, hearts, cartoons, stuffed animals, lollipops, princess motif, etc.

  5. Hairstyle: pigtails, side-by-side pony tails (two bunches), pony tail (one bunch). Large bows or ribbons in hair.

  6. AO that involves skipping, flouncing, twirling, or other obviously non-adult behavior

  7. Behavior, role play, gestures or vocabulary interpreted by staff as immature.

  8. Shorter than 1.5 meters (about 4 feet 10inches.)

  9. Face with proportionally large head, large curved forehead, eyes/ nose/ mouth located low, large eyes, short small nose, rounded chubby cheeks, small chin. (reference: Beautycheck Website, Dr. Martin Gruendl, Regensburg Germany)


  1. Shorter than 1.5 meters (about 4 feet 10inches.)

  2. Penis less than 5 cm (flaccid) or 6.5 cm (erect)

  1. Face with proportionally large head, large curved forehead, eyes/ nose/ mouth located low, large eyes, short small nose, rounded chubby cheeks, small chin. (reference: Beautycheck Website, Dr. Martin Gruendl, Regensburg Germany)

  2. Childlike behavior / immature role play/ baby talk. AO that involves skipping, flouncing, twirling, or other obviously non-adult behavior.

  3. Undeveloped musculature and body proportions

  1. Clothing or accessories that could be bought in the Boys or Teens section of a department store.

  2. Lack of pubic hair / facial hair or shadow

Other Genders and Situations
The South Side Snakepit is a gay friendly site that respects role play of individuals of all descriptions except “immature”. Clear explanation in your profile of special cases is appreciated. Anime characters and Twinks are generally accepted, underage characters are not allowed.

“I am Asian!” is not an acceptable explanation – Asian women do not look immature.

When an avatar’s appearance is borderline, indications in their profile that they engage in age play, membership in age play groups, profile picks indicating age play or indication that their age is less than 21 years old, will be considered. Conversely, if an avatar’s appearance and behavior are clearly those of an adult, profile contents will carry less weight.

Considerations in the avatar’s favor:

  1. Pronounced high, concave cheekbones and developed body type

  2. Limits that clearly state that age play is not acceptable

  3. Profile indications that the player is a multifaceted role player.

  4. Non-humanoid characters are generally accepted as Adult.

  5. Reputation as a solid member of the SL community.

    If bad judgment in avatar appearance is shown, individuals who share a long term relationship with the South Side Snakepit will receive more consideration than a stranger. Belonging to our group and having us in your profile picks is only a start. Patterns of courtesy, good behavior, and positive contribution to our community are considered.

    Clear attempts to game the rules, fool us, or betray our trust will be dealt with strongly. Understand that if you are involved in age play we will will kick your ass off our sim and report you to Linden Labs.

Have a nice day!

South Side Snakepit:

SimonTemplar Bernard

East Rodas


Bullies and Tyrants

In a virtual world of on-line imagination, conversations matter. Social commitments in anonymous cyberland results in all manner of bad behavior. On-line communities are a microcosm of people letting antisocial tendencies fly free.

We have been contemplating subtle forms of cyber-bullying encountered in our Second Life online community.

Bullying. The first step in dealing with bullying or social aggression is to identify it.

“Bullying is a compulsive need to displace aggression and is achieved by the expression of inadequacy (social, personal, interpersonal, behavioural, professional) by projection of that inadequacy onto others through control and subjugation (criticism, exclusion, isolation etc). Bullying is sustained by abdication of responsibility (denial, counter-accusation, pretence of victimhood) and perpetuated by a climate of fear, ignorance, indifference, silence, denial, disbelief, deception, evasion of accountability, tolerance and reward (eg promotion) for the bully.” – Tim Field, 1999

“Persistent, offensive, abusive, intimidating or insulting behaviour, abuse of power or unfair penal sanctions which makes the recipient feel upset, threatened, humiliated or vulnerable, which undermines their self-confidence and which may cause them to suffer stress”
MSF Union, 1994

The “N.I.C.E” strategy of Shapiro, Jankowsi and Dale has helped us in dealing with cyberbullying:

N- Neutralize emotions

I- Identify type of difficult person and why they are behaving as they do

C- Control the encounter

E- Explore options

Once we calm down, we try to identify why someone is misbehaving. Shapiro, Jankowsi and Dale categorize difficult people:

  • Situationally Difficult People- Someone is having a bad day. That can happen.
  • Simply Difficult People- People with an ingrained personality characteristic.
  • Strategically Difficult People- People that believe that being unreasonable is effective at getting what they want.

People can have a bad day and some friends that are poor at social interaction. Communication, patience and kindness are called for in exceptional circumstastances.

When people routinely use bullying behavior as a strategy to gain advantage, we want to either ignore the situation, run away or bite back.

We want to explore effective ways to neutralize bullying situations permanently without becoming bullies ourselves.

Victims: Set up NSFS RLV Relay at the Snakepit

Note: The Standard Linden Labs Second Life Viewer DOES NOT ENABLE ANY RLV FEATURES!
We recommend Singularity Viewer or Firestorm Viewer for compatibility with RLV and many other advanced features.

You will need to wear a RLV Relay. The glowing red RLV boxes can “Give Relay” or you can get one for free in the Snakepit Lobby (out of character (ooc) area). We like the NSFS Relay, other relays may work.

1) Use a RLV compatible viewer such as Singularity or Firestorm
2) Wear the NSFS relay in your Objects folder
3) A RLV relay icon will appear on screen (center top).
Click the RLV icon until the message reads “RLV ON (permission needed)”
(Not Recommended: “RLV ON (Auto Accept)” allows anyone to grab at any time- it can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts.)
4) Click “Advanced” menu at the top of your screen.
Verify that “Restrained Love API” is checked.
(If “Advanced” menu is not visible press Ctrl-Alt-d to cycle it on )
5) You may need to log out and log in again to activate your relay

VICTIMS- If you are starting an interesting conversation, set RLV relay to “ASK” or “OFF””. It is YOUR responsibility to prevent someone from using your RLV relay to steal you.

PREDITORS- Never capture and steal a victim that is currently in another RP or talking to someone else. This behavior, if repeated, will get you banned.

Remember to release your victim when you are finished with them. Remember to remind your captor to release you.

In the event you are captured and can not get someone to release you:
Log Off.
Log Back in to your home. This usually works. If not:
Log Off and Log In from the Linden Labs Second Life Viewer. Remove your RLV relay. Relog in Singularity or Firestorm. This tip always works.

Role Playing at the South Side Snakepit, Second Life

Simon says:
The South Side Snakepit is a backdrop for role play in urban crime, violence and sex.

As participants in a role-playing game we assume characters and create stories. We act based on assumed personalities, actions succeed or fail according to mutually negotiated guidelines. Players shape the direction and outcome of a story for simple enjoyment or to explore situations that have poweful emotional connections. Fetishes, fears, dangerous situations, or past traumas can all be explored in an immersive environment. Definitions of role play, limits and conduct ultimately depend on the out-of-character communication of the players.

This cold clinical definition should reminds us: in our valuable and precious role play world, out-of-character communications help us form realistic expectations, and assumptions lead to heart-ache. This nothing but a game, this is a window to my soul.

East says:
We wear masks. SL provides a platform for the actors within us to flex and stretch upon a stage we create ourselves; selecting from virtually limitless scenes, costumes, co-stars, and props for our little dramas and comedies. The chameleons among us can move seamlessly from one scene to the next, exploring elaborate sims, decadent scenes, and provocative play mates. We pull off a mask when it becomes too ‘real’… or not real enough. We touch others with our words and our ideas… our unbridled emotions seducing and overwhelming them, or crushing them without concern. Words carry weight in this world without substance; so use with care.