Simon says:
The South Side Snakepit is a backdrop for role play in urban crime, violence and sex.

As participants in a role-playing game we assume characters and create stories. We act based on assumed personalities, actions succeed or fail according to mutually negotiated guidelines. Players shape the direction and outcome of a story for simple enjoyment or to explore situations that have poweful emotional connections. Fetishes, fears, dangerous situations, or past traumas can all be explored in an immersive environment. Definitions of role play, limits and conduct ultimately depend on the out-of-character communication of the players.

This cold clinical definition should reminds us: in our valuable and precious role play world, out-of-character communications help us form realistic expectations, and assumptions lead to heart-ache. This nothing but a game, this is a window to my soul.

East says:
We wear masks. SL provides a platform for the actors within us to flex and stretch upon a stage we create ourselves; selecting from virtually limitless scenes, costumes, co-stars, and props for our little dramas and comedies. The chameleons among us can move seamlessly from one scene to the next, exploring elaborate sims, decadent scenes, and provocative play mates. We pull off a mask when it becomes too ‘real’… or not real enough. We touch others with our words and our ideas… our unbridled emotions seducing and overwhelming them, or crushing them without concern. Words carry weight in this world without substance; so use with care.