Note: The Standard Linden Labs Second Life Viewer DOES NOT ENABLE ANY RLV FEATURES!
We recommend Singularity Viewer or Firestorm Viewer for compatibility with RLV and many other advanced features.

You will need to wear a RLV Relay. The glowing red RLV boxes can “Give Relay” or you can get one for free in the Snakepit Lobby (out of character (ooc) area). We like the NSFS Relay, other relays may work.

1) Use a RLV compatible viewer such as Singularity or Firestorm
2) Wear the NSFS relay in your Objects folder
3) A RLV relay icon will appear on screen (center top).
Click the RLV icon until the message reads “RLV ON (permission needed)”
(Not Recommended: “RLV ON (Auto Accept)” allows anyone to grab at any time- it can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts.)
4) Click “Advanced” menu at the top of your screen.
Verify that “Restrained Love API” is checked.
(If “Advanced” menu is not visible press Ctrl-Alt-d to cycle it on )
5) You may need to log out and log in again to activate your relay

VICTIMS- If you are starting an interesting conversation, set RLV relay to “ASK” or “OFF””. It is YOUR responsibility to prevent someone from using your RLV relay to steal you.

PREDITORS- Never capture and steal a victim that is currently in another RP or talking to someone else. This behavior, if repeated, will get you banned.

Remember to release your victim when you are finished with them. Remember to remind your captor to release you.

In the event you are captured and can not get someone to release you:
Log Off.
Log Back in to your home. This usually works. If not:
Log Off and Log In from the Linden Labs Second Life Viewer. Remove your RLV relay. Relog in Singularity or Firestorm. This tip always works.